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    The Styrian Grand Prix 2021 will take place at the Red Bull Ring, which has a circuit length of 4.318 km. The total number of laps for the race are 71, thereby covering a total race distance of 306.452 km. The Styrian Grand Prix circuit lap record is held by Carlos Sainz, who clocked in a 1:05.619 in 2020.

    Ready to get up to speed with the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix? The fearsome, 4.318-kilometre Red Bull Ring started out as the 'Osterreichring' in 1969. In the mid-90s, legendary F1 track designer Hermann Tilke shortened the track but kept the stomach-turning elevation changes, turning it into an F1 rollercoaster. Sunday's unmissable race takes place over 71 laps.
    It was called after Styria, the Austrian region where the circuit is located. The inaugural race took place in 2020. Despite the fact that the Styrian Grand Prix was originally planned to be a one-off event in 2020, it will return in 2021 as the eighth round of the championship to replace the Turkish Grand Prix, which was postponed owing to travel restrictions imposed by the continuing COVID-19 epidemic.
    Follow our guide on how to watch a Styrian Grand Prix live stream from anywhere in the world. Don't forget to look at the free trial options for a Styrian Grand Prix free live stream.
    F1 standings ahead of Styrian Grand Prix 2021: Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing look to extend their lead From the seven Grand Prix that have taken place so far in 2021, Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton has won three of the races while the other four have been won by Red Bull Racing drivers (Max Verstappen (3), Sergio Perez (1)). The Austrian outfit (215) extended their F1 standings lead to 37 points from Mercedes (178) after recording their third consecutive victory at the French Grand Prix 2021 last weekend. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen (131) extended his lead in the Drivers' Championship to 12 points from Lewis Hamilton (119). F1 fans will hope that the cagey affair between the Mercedes F1 and Red Bull Racing drivers continues this weekend in Styria.

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